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Our casting and mechanical plant focuses on making and distribution of founding metal blocks from different kinds of grey cast irons, heat-resistant cast irons and other specialty metals – carbon steels, low-alloyed steels, high alloy steels and special steels, different kinds of bronzes, yellow metals, aluminium alloys and other nonferrous metals and alloys. Besides, we offer high quality services with mechanical processing, both for domestic and foreign manufacturing industry, agricultural sector, and other branches of economy. 


We use the technology of lost foam casting (LFC), which falls into the category of precision casting and enables us to produce labour-intensive and complex parts of almost any kind. The weight of produced foundry products ranges from 100 grams to 180 kilograms.


The production capacity of our modern and mechanized foundry is presently set at 600 tons of good products per year. The use of high quality materials (foamed polystyrene), modern induction casting furnaces, moulding with programme controlling and a well-equipped testing laboratory provide for impressive results in our state-of-the-art casting of almost any configuration with high microinch accuracy.  


All manufactured articles meet both Russian (All-Union State Standards) and foreign quality standards. Certificate of approval is provided for all products produced by our plant. 


We would be happy to discuss possibilities of co-operation with you and look forward to receiving your requests with technical drawings so that we could make a price quotation and estimate delivery dates. 



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ООО "ЛМК-завод чугуна и стали",

г. Воронеж, ул. Землячки, д.19, оф. 204

 +7 (473) 202-99-99

коммерческий отдел:  lmk-zavod@mail.ru


отдел снабжения: lmk.snab@mail.ru

тел. отдела снабжения: +7 (980) 242-55-08

“LMK-The plant of iron and steel” Ltd. 

office 204, 19, Zemlyachki str., Voronezh, Russia

(тел. для англоязычных клиентов)Ph.: +7 916 910 75 16 

e-mail: info@tdlmk.com

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